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    by John Shortt, Forwarded by David I Smith

    The Bible can and should be an environment in which we live and move and have our being, an environment in which we are shaped by God in different and interrelated ways. As with aspects of our physical environment, we may have never noticed many elements of this spiritual environment before or may have only the vaguest sense of their influence. While we may be more familiar with certain elements, we may not realize the full extent of their influence or be too preoccupied to see how they relate to form the larger whole of how we are shaped. This book looks one-by-one at several ways in which the Bible's environment influences us as people and, in particular, shapes our beliefs, attitudes, and practices as teachers in the classroom. It is concerned with helping readers to be, at one and the same time, faithful to our common calling as educators and faithful to the Scriptures as Christians. ""Towards the end of his book, John Shortt quotes Samuel Rutherford: 'Grace groweth best in winter, ' then remarking 'the classroom at times can be a very wintry place.' For those who desire to be faithful servants of Jesus even in 'the wintery places, ' this book offers a deeply Christian, deeply spiritual, and deeply personal reflection.


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