• The Cause of Christian Education - 4th Edition

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    The book explores the reasons for, and the distinctives of, Christian education at the school and higher education levels. It highlights foundational belief perspectives and shows how these apply in curriculum and related areas such as vision and mission, the place of the Bible, evaluation and assessment, the teacher as mentor, and professional development. This new edition includes a special section for Christians in public school settings, and every chapter is accompanied by a provocative study guide.

    Given Richard’s 10 years of service to the National Institute for Christian Education and CEN, readers will recognise much in this new edition that is specifically relevant to the CEN family of schools across Australia.

    See the reverse side for endorsements of the book by informed Christian leaders – including our own Ken Dickens.

    Dr. Edlin, president of Edserv International, is a widely recognised scholar and speaker in the global Christian education community. He writes from a background of 40 years international experience in Christian education. The book, described by a reviewer as a “must read” for anyone involved in Christian education, is an important resource for teachers, pastors and parents, and also for university teacher training and worldview courses.

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