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    This is a brochure that serves as a 'Welcome to Christian education'. The intention was that it could be given to new parents and staff joining your Christian school.It gives them a brief overview of what Christian education is trying to achieve. It also serves the purpose of introducing to them the notion that their school is part of something much bigger; Christian Education National.

    We also anticipated that this brochure could be used for promotion of your school in the wider community by placing it in people's hands at open days, school tours, etc. Or even to be left in doctors surgeries or, as one school has already suggested, letterboxes. To this end the brochure is designed in such a way as to allow for a sticker label identifying the school to be added. We have designed a template for these labels so they can be printed from a standard label sheet that can also be supplied by us.

    Click here for a short video demonstration of how it unfolds

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