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    We are excited to offer the Christian education photo-storybook for member schools (Head. Heart. Hands.). It is an easy to use resource for promoting Christian education, and your school, to parents and potential members of your community.

    We offer five options with various levels of customisation:

    1. Generic 
    2. Semi-customised text + semi customised images
    3. Semi customised text + fully customised images
    4. Fully customised text and images
    5. Completely do your own thing

    Click here for a multi-media version of the storybook

    Please contact cen@cen.edu.au for a quote for a customised version. 

    1. Generic

      The book is provided ready to go. The suggestion is that schools might place their own sticker in the space provided on the inside back cover. No minimum order.
      2. Semi-customised text + semi-customised images

      A relatively affordable while still placing your own school’s stamp on the book. This option involves adjusting the cover and 8 pages of text and images at the front and back of the book. The rest of the book is generic.

      NB: See the layout that follows indicating the customisable pages in green.
      3. Semi-customised text + fully customised images

      An extension to Option 2 where the cover and 8 pages of text at front and back are customised with the rest being generic. However, all images are customised. Involves a significant investment in high-quality local school photography to maintain quality of production. Approximately 80 high resolution images would be required.

      NB: See the layout that follows indicating the customisable pages in yellow and green.
      4. Fully customised

      School provides their own text and their own images (same requirements for images as Option 3). The recommendation is that although it is the schools own language, the same photo-storybook style is embraced. Pricing for this option is via a quote but will be more expensive that Option 3.
      5. Completely do your own thing

      This option provides the local school the freedom to make the book their own production. It allows the local school to use the generic version as a guide and to pursue their own graphic artist and printer. CEN does not impose any copyright over this project as it seeks to promote the cause of Christian education as widely as it can.


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