• No Icing on the Cake: Christian foundations for education in Australasia

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    No Icing on the Cake (Mechielsen, 1979), developed out of Mount Evelyn Christian School, has been held in high regard as a foundation resource for Christian schooling in Australia (and internationally) for decades. However, it has been out of print for many years now.

    CEN, in conjunction with Brookes-Hall Publishing Foundation, have now re-published the original text of No Icing on the Cake as an eBook. A new foreword has been added from both Dr Ken Dickens and Dr Mike Goheen. Mike says this about his early awakening to Christian education:

    I began to look for resources and the first book that fell into my hands was No Icing on the Cake. To this day we do not know where it came from or how we got it. The striking metaphor of Christian icing on a secular educational cake captured our imaginations. It remains my favourite image for faithful Christian education. It challenges a dualistic approach that simply adds moral and devotional icing to an otherwise humanist education. It graphically portrays the importance of having the gospel speak to every area of the educational enterprise.

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