• Transformation by Design: The Big Picture - A Curriculum Development Resource for Christian Schools

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    Transformation by Design is a resource designed to help you develop curriculum from a biblical perspective. This resource has been developed by a team of expert and experienced Christian educators from around Australia. It provides a model for developing curriculum in direct response to a mandated curriculum while unfolding a transformational, biblical perspective for the students.

    Transformation by Design: The Big Picture considered the importance for Christian educators of the big picture of curriculum design and its foundational elements. It explored curriculum frameworks, biblical perspectives, enduring understandings, and the responses we seek from our students—we called these Threads. Appendix 1 provides a summary of the key components of Transformation by Design: The Big Picture.

    Our later publication, Transformation by Design: Crafting Formational Learning, is a companion to Transformation by Design: The Big Picture. In that resource, we turn our attention to the way we unfold our teaching and learning (the craft of teaching) and to the why of our teaching (formational learning). We offer a designing and planning framework for the task of building a holistic, crafted, and formational approach to teaching and learning.


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