• Birth Battle Build: A Resource for a Story-Formed Approach to Biblical Studies

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    By Rev Dr Rod Thompson

    This helpful tool builds on our Transformation by Design resources and sets out a helpful framework for teachers to immerse themselves and their students in the scriptures in a transforming and life giving way. 

    For many years, Rev Dr Rod Thompson has been a prophetic voice to the Christian school movement especially, regarding the use of the Bible. He has asserted that a claim to biblical grounding needs to be demonstrated in a whole Bible immersion from a Gospel perspective.

    Although recognising the usefulness of the Creation, Fall, Redemption, Renewal / Restoration schema as a reminder of the biblical metanarrative’s unity and as a tool for biblically informed curriculum development, Rod has a word of caution. For some time, he has been concerned that applying such a schema can unintentionally diminish our engagement with the Bible itself. Therefore, Rod has advanced another tool called Text, Gospel, 21 (TG21)—engaging with the various biblical texts, recognising Gospel implications, and discerning applications for the 21st century.

    This resource with the strange title, Birth Battle Build is written for all who teach biblical studies whether as a specialist or a classroom teacher. However, the resource is extremely helpful to all Christian educators who desire to read the Scriptures faithfully and have them inform their life and practice.

    This resource is not a biblical studies program but a fully articulated approach (with numerous examples)—a mindset to guide teaching teams to develop a biblical studies program within their own schools.

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